SpamJadoo based on ESP is a spam eradication solution giving full-proof privacy to unwarranted mails. It is available on premise or hosted model.

Product Features:

Authenticate before SMTP, uses Reverse DNS lookups for IPV4 addresses/ MX record check, supports SPF, block emails with specific attachments like EXE, PIF, SCR,ASPX etc, directory harvest prevention, Email traffic control (Rate Limit), virus protection, challenge-response, ESP (Eliminate Spam at protocol Level), SpamJadoo spam-quarantine
SpamJadoo is an ultimate spam eradication solution which prevents spam from entering the mail server. SpamJadoo is based on the revolutionary ESP (Eliminate Spam at Protocol level) technology, which gives a full-proof privacy layer around the mailbox on any email client. 70% of the total mails exchanged are spams and SpamJadoo is continuously working on spam elimination, no mail lose from a trusted sender without making any effort. SpamJadoo’s 24x7 support, rapid deployment, email blocking based on attachments, keywords, is creating a benchmark offering spamfree and secured email services.