Xgen IM

Xgen IM is an enterprise class Instant Messaging solution in a protected and controlled environment. It is available on App Store an Playstore.

Product Features:

Enables files exchange, access to logs, end to end encrypted data, create public/private groups, block contact, data security, send / receive messages offline, Add Contact via barcode scan, multi user chat(MUC), Unicode Support, TLS Support, Compatible with all XMPP Servers
Xgen IM is a PGP encrypted enterprise class Instant Messaging Solution. Messages/ files like doc, xlsx, jpg, png, gif, pptx, pdffiles like doc, xlsx, jpg, png, gif, pptx, pdf exchange takes place in controlled/ protected environment. Xgen IM had made it a practice that it becomes a basic and vital piece of each business. Xgen IM has been always enhancing approaches to connect with the group of spectators and to be at the bleeding edge of Messaging solution. Xgen IM security, offline working and 24×7 client cares makes it an indispensable piece of IT security.