• Product Stage:Beta

Product Features:

End to End Encrypted Audio and Video Communication, Multi-Screen Share, Messaging, Meeting notes, Whiteboard, Recording, MIS reports & Advanced Analytics, Noise cancellation, Improved Low Light Video, In-call person detection, Speech to text transcription, 10,000 attendees, Custom features for webinars.
Libero is an efficient Video Conferencing tool built from scratch to keep the system lightweight and modular for easy customization. Libero is not just a video conferencing software, it\'s much more than that. On top of core video conferencing functionalities Writing is one vital form of communication, hence we have carefully created realtime time and persistent tools such as whiteboard and meeting notes for use. Libero’s core engine adjusts the quality automatically based on the bandwidth available for multiple versions of quality in video 360, 720 1080, 4K. At the depths, Libero has highly scalable and performant, it can hold multiple concurrent meetings with multiple people offering seamless connectivity. Libero passed some very rough benchmarks to sustain its load on the server to offer drop-less connectivity. Also, the IO/Compute usages of Libero have been made optimal as it uses Machine level languages to work on the low-end servers. Libero is end-to-end encrypted using AES.256 to ensure high data security. Independent tools that libero extends such as board and notes data are encrypted and stored on secure storage. Above all these things, Libero\'s power comes from it\'s most powerful Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, which sits right at the core. Soulpage being at the forefront of AI, made everything possible to ensure High-quality communication. Libero has Noise Cancellation and Video Enhancement to ensure seamless communication. Noise cancellation provides an excellent experience to cut unwanted noises along with the Other AI modules, such as Bandwidth optimization will exist inside Libero in beta. Overall, Libero is an all-in-one software created to make communication great!