LynkSavvy Call Data Analysis System

  • Product Stage:Beta

Product Features:

1) Call data records in the form of a CSV file can be imported into the analyser. 2) Network analysis algorithms are applied to the data to identify central/important nodes in the network. 3) Data from multiple cellular towers can be processed to get a complete picture of the network. 4) Temporal analysis to visualise how a network expands/shrinks over time 5) Ability to integrate other available data sources for enriched intelligence. 6) Network node importance measures like network centrality, in-degree and out-degree allows an analyst to quickly identify communities of interest. 7) Identifying communities of interest allows investigating agencies to save time and money by focussing on high value targets.
LynkSavvy Call Data Analysis system provides a platform to automatically analyse massive amounts of call data records to identify relationships between entities as presented by calling relationship between two persons. System allows drill down and filtering based on time, geo location and relationships between people/numbers.