Product Features:

MoxGateway ? Business quality translations ? Quickest translation delivery ? Fully automated in all languages ? Unlimited storage/bandwidth ? Non-invasive ? Zero change in server side code ? Zero change in UI/UX
MoxGateway MoxGateway is a web server application to deliver a web site into multiple languages. It acts as a middle layer between the browser and the web server to dynamically translate content to a user’s language. The method is non-invasive, requiring no change in the web site or the app. Localization can be achieved in any number of languages. It’s independent of the platform, technology, database etc used on the web server. Being a server side method, it is efficient, hence causing negligible latency in response. The method is dynamic and the changes made in the original web site or content are immediately made available in all languages. Both static and dynamic content (residing in the client\\\'s databases) is translated. MoxGateway is integrated with MoxWave, the high quality translation API of Process9. MoxWave serves instant automated translations whenever new text translation is required. MoxWave has the workflow to verify and update translations available at MoxGateway where required. The entire workflow is automated, transparent to the user and the web site developer. MmoxGateway is a scalable, multilingual and cost effective way of localizing your online and mobile properties. MoxGateway can be hosted on customer\'s server or on Process9 servers. It completely takes away the pain of doing and maintaining localization from the client\'s technology team. MoxGateway can be used by any web site or mobile app, whether you have a few pages of text or whether you’re an eCommerce company serving millions of product descriptions to your customers. MoxGateway is also the best tool for conducting quick customer research and rolling out pilots to learn about user behavior and fine-tuning your localization strategy based on the analytics.