Annie Braille Teacher


Product Features:

Braille Self Learning, Local medium of instruction and accent, Grade 1 English (Open Braille), Grade 1 Bharti Braille (All Languages), Grade 2 English (Contractions), Word banks with thousands of words to build vocabulary, Games and challenges to make learning fun and interactive, Track student progress, Schedule tests and homework
The Annie Braille Teacher is a self-learning system that teaches a student how to read, write and type in any Braille language in the student\\\\\\\'s preferred language of instruction (all Indian languages). The system is packed with gamified and interactive content to make the learning experience fun for the students. The tactile hardware modules tailored to teach Braille that come with the software, coupled with a soft human voice guiding students through lessons eliminates the need for handholding and constant supervision. Annie evaluates answers given by the students instantly and gives smart corrective feedback. Annie Braille Teacher comes with an entire analytics suite which makes the product invaluable for all the sighted stakeholders involved in the education of a visually impaired student.