MedVirtuoso™ - Medical Image Analysis and Informatics Platform

  • Product Stage:R&D

Product Features:

MedVirtuoso, is a suite of products that aggregates patient medical imaging data obtained from MRI/CT/PET scans, provides computer-aided visualization tools for a comprehensive view of these datasets, performs automated post-processing on the imaging data using our patentable Image Fusion Algorithms, Brain mapping techniques and a suite of other Neuroimaging applications. MedVirtuoso system leverages artificial intelligence and Deep Learning techniques in medical image post-processing to gather valuable insights that assist in diagnosis. The multi-dimensional information thus derived by performing comprehensive brain analysis provides meaningful insights to the neuro physicians and surgeons in deciding if the abnormality in the brain is originating due to electrical, structural, metabolic, or functional cause in the brain, it helps to identify the region of abnormality, make informed decision on performing a surgery, locate the site of surgery and helps in predicting the deficits that can be caused due to removal of certain part of the brain. Our mission is to transform the lives of 1 Million Epilepsy patients by 2025.
Comprehensive Brain Analysis solution which empowers the Neuroclincians in making an accurate diagnosis and evidence-based clinical decisions during treatment and surgical planning of patients suffering from neurological disorders like Epilepsy and others.