Plain Paper OMR Software Solution

Product Features:

• Recognizes optical marks (bubbles) with 100% accuracy from plain paper sheets • Work with plain paper OMR Sheets: • Standard 70-1 OOgsm A4 paper • No Special parinting needed-can be printed on normal Printers or MFPs • Photocopied OMR sheets can be used • Multiple standard templates available • No special scanner needed - OMR sheets can be scanned using standard flatbed/ ADF scanner • Very Simple easy to use Microsoft Excel Based form Designer ot modify existing and create new sheets. • Form Processing Features • Bar code reading • Printed text reading (OCR) • Handwritten text (ICR) • Tick (v) and Cross (x ) reading • Structured and unstructured forms reading • High speed OMR sheet recognition, processes 300-500 sheets in a minute on standard PC • Advance Analytics and reporting module • Export data to various formats (CSV, Excel, PDF, DBF etc.) • SMS module-allows ot send the results as SMS • Best Suited for quick & accurate evaluation of sheets such as test, evaluations, assessments, Surverys etc. • More than 1000 active customers worldwide • Low Cost, flexible and easy to use solution • Available in perpetual license and annual subscription models • 7 day trial version available for evaluation
eVAL OMR is state-of-the OMR software for capturing and analyzing data from plain paper OMR sheets. The software captures data from plain-paper sheets containing bubbles. It\'s simple yet sophisticated User Interface (UI) design makes it very easy to create, process and analyze OMR data for spedic user applications. eVAL OMR Collects data from plain paper OMR sheets, such as tests, evaluations, assesments, surveys and others quickly and accurately. This results in a faster turnaround time and 100% accurate results. It is a perfect blend of advance features and simple intuitive user experience. Processing OMR sheets and analyzing data has never been easier! eVAL OMR Contains a powerful Analytics and Reporting module, used to analyze you data effortlessly produce professional reports and graphs. All reports can be exported to various formats, including MS Excel, CSV, PDF and DBF.