MeitY announces ICT Grand Challenge under National Policy on Software Products (NPSP)
15th June 2020
Call for Proposal to conduct ICT Grand Challenge under National Policy on Software Products (NPSP)

COVID -19 has thrown unprecedented challenges for the world and industries alike. While we continue to fight these challenges as a nation, amidst business disruptions and remote working scenarios, it is important for all including governments, industry and individuals to contribute with all their might to overcome the present and emerge stronger as humanity. To enable this, the ICT Grand Challenge (ICTGC) would be right step to identify and support solutions that can reduce the present pain and also contribute in fast recovery.

The Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY) announces to develop innovative software product by organizing 1st ICT Grand Challenge through implementing agency in the area as specified below. The objective of ICTGC is to generate innovative technology/solutions in the form of software products using emerging technology so as to address the COVID/social economic challenges and have potential for mass market leading to greater access of the products in a cost-effective manner. More scheme details of ICT Grand Challenge under National Policy on Software Products (NPSP) is available in the detailed document.

Broad Area of call for proposal

The implementation agency is expected to prepare the detailed plan as per ICTGC scheme document for selecting the right Startups / MSMEs that have the potential to build the suitable Work from Home(WFH) products/solutions enabling employees to work & execute tasks remotely for seamless operations/business continuity of organizations in fully secure & reliable environment

The Software product must include but not limited to the following component :

  1. Project Planning & Management tool
  2. Business operations tool (Productivity and Work/Project management, Task Management & Reporting, Virtual Design & Development, Virtual Work Drives Software product/platform enabling the technical individual(s) & team(s) to support/assist customers remotely through on-demand remote support sessions with end-to-end security, set-up unattended remote access, manage remote PCs, laptops, mobile devices and servers effortlessly etc.).
  3. Digital communication and real-time collaboration tool (Teams to meet, discuss in channels or with team members, collaborate, share, chat, deliver presentations, screen share with remote control, integrated task management etc).
  4. Remote monitoring & operations of industrial setups, machinery & equipment, as applicable

The proposed Product/Solution/Platform should have in-built capability of end-to-end encrypted communication

Note. The above focus areas broadly cover Work From Home (WFH) scenario. The Implementing Agency shall prepare the detailed focus areas/problem statements and submit the same as part of the bid/proposal.

Who can apply to be implementing agency
  • Registered Industry Associations;
  • Autonomous bodies/society, Section 8/25 companies/R&D organization/Institute of Higher Learning having a dedicated facility for research in Emerging technology and also having incubation space for at least three years.
Role and responsibility of implementing agency:
  • Identification of problem statement(s) including user agency;
  • Collaboration with user agency and facilitate the field trial/demonstration;
  • Run the challenges through MeitY Startup Hub (MSH) platform;
  • Selection of proposals based on criteria defined in Para 6&7 in the Scheme document;

Implementing agency has to identify and on-board the Government organization or large corporate house as user agency for deploying the final solution (for at least three years) addressing the problem statement and commitment of financial support, as envisaged in the scheme. The user agency has to specify their requirements and provide technical support required by project teams for development and fine tuning of the products. Implementing agency has to sign an agreement with user agency to deploy the final developed product.

The challenge implementing agency has to submit the proposal online in the prescribed proforma (ANNEXURE-I).

Selection of implementing agency

After initial scrutiny in MeitY/STPI, a steering committee would evaluate technical & financial aspects of the proposal submitted by implementing agency and recommend the proposal suitably for financial support on the basis of innovativeness, quality of problem statement, socio-economic penetration, commitment of user agency, effectiveness of proposed strategy, business model etc., as envisaged in the scheme document.

How to apply

Proposal(s) to become implementing agency of ICTGC may be submitted online at https://ispr.gov.in.

For any further clarification, please contact ispr@meity.gov.in

Proposals can be submitted up to June 15, 2020 at 5 PM.
Terms and Conditions
  1. Implementing agency has to adopt the Governance Structure, rules and regulation, financial support model etc as mentioned in the scheme.
  2. Implementing agency must ensure that there would be no conflict of interest with Statrup/MSMEs being shortlisted for solving the proposed problem statement with implementing agency.
  3. The criteria of selection of Startup/MSMEs should be transparent, neutral and must follow the evaluation matrix as mentioned in the scheme.
ICT Grand Challenge under National Policy on Software Products
Part I
  1. Organization
    1. Name:
    2. Address:
    3. Legal status with Registration Number:
  2. Programme coordinator
    1. Name
    2. Designation
    3. Department/Division
    4. Complete Address with contact details (email, mobile etc)
Part II

  1. Aim and Scope of the proposed problem statement of ICT Grand Challenge under NPSP
  2. Detailed description of the problem statement with specific technology fall-outs
  3. Need, forecast and urgency for the software product proposed to be developed with justification through proposed problem statement.
  4. What is the planned roadmap for the company to be supported in the short and long term? (Share details about expansion plans, plans for ramping up production/development, collaborations/tie-ups being sought, garner support from relevant bodies/regulators)
  5. User agency of the software product to be developed though this challenge
  6. Details of collaboration with user agency (A copy of proof of agreement is attached)
  7. Details of the financial commitment (INR 40 Lakh), as envisaged in the scheme with supportive document.
  8. Duration of Project (Maximum 6 months)
  9. Break-up of achievements with specific intermediate milestones (in terms of aims and objectives, as envisaged in the scheme document).
  10. Summary of similar Grand Challenge conducted by implementing agency.
  11. Detailed activity PERT/BAR Chart as per scheme.
  12. Additional information, if any.

Part III
Endorsement by the Head of the Implementing agency

  1. I have read the terms & conditions (including terms & conditions) governing the ICTGC scheme, call for proposal and I agree to abide by them.
  2. I certify that I have no objection to the submission of this proposal for consideration by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology/STPI.
  3. In case the proposal is approved, I undertake to make available facilities to carry it out, to arrange for the submission of periodic progress reports and other information that may be required by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology/STPI.
  4. I certify that in case present programme coordinator is not available for any reason to continue work on this project, the following persons will be available to carry it throughout to completion:
    Sl.No. Name Designation Email Mobile
  5. I certify that I shall ensure that the funds received and spent and made available on demand, as specified and required by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology/STPI.
  6. I certify that I am the competent authority, the virtue of the administrative and financial powers vested in me by to undertake the above stated commitments on behalf of my institution/organization.