Indian Software Product Registry (ISPR)

Indian Software Product Registry has been created to promote Software Product Business ecosystem. This registry would be a single window portal for collation of Indian Software Product Industry database and will act as a common pool of Indian Software Products thereby providing a trusted trade environment in various emerging software products. This will also bring the visibility at national and international level to all the scattered efforts going on in the country in the development of software products onto a single platform. The registry will serve the following purpose:

  • Indian Software product registry acts as a common pool of Indian Software Products thereby providing a trusted trade environment;
  • Serving as a gateway to the Indian Software Product Company (ISPC) with exposures to millions of global players;
  • Core Identity base for the ISPC’s to be a part of Government e-Marketplace (GeM);
  • Facilitation of Indian Software Product Industry for providing fiscal incentives, if any, at a later stage;
  • Database for the Indian Software Product Companies, products developed in India with any analytics around what kind of domains, sectors, geo-regions are currently serves;
  • List Products Industry-wise, Technology-wise, intended audience (B2B, B2C, B2G), product stage etc.
  • Updates on latest news/events
Who can register on ISPR

Indian Software Product Companies (ISPC)/ Startups/ MSME(s) (as defined in NPSP): An ISPC is defined as an Indian company in which 51% or more share holding is with Indian citizen or person of Indian origin and is engaged in the development, commercialisation, licensing and sale /service of Software products and has IP rights or ownership over the Software product(s).